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Tutanota users can receive and send encrypted replies from other regular email

Tutanota is an open -source end-to-end encrypted email software and freemium hosted secure email service. Its business model excludes earning money through advertisement relying solely on donations and premium subscription. Tutanota offers an open webmail service that is very easy to use. Our intuitive design enables everybody to send secure message. All the encryption is taken care of automatically in the background. It is an ad-free, secure email service that automatically encrypts the entire mailbox and address book, thus, offering a high level of privacy. It is a web mail service with android and iOS apps, published as open source software. Tutanota has two standard plans: Free plan and Premium plan.
The service is super easy to setup and use. Sending encrypted message to other Tutanota users and outside users is a breeze as well. Tutanota makes encryption so easy to use that literally everyone can use. Tutanota claims that it will put an end to mass surveillance, and with the easy -to –use encryption, it will be a game changer for secure. The user unlocks their private key with their password, which then decrypts the mailbox locally on their device. This work either via a web browser or via the Tutanota apps for android and iOS. Tutanota has a different sign-up process than ProtonMail. It is one of the best options out there because it does not ask for your phone number when you sign up- or log in from another machine.

Features of Tutanota:

• Tutanota encrypts everything. And that includes the subject body of the user’s message as well as any attachments.
• Offers end-to-end encryption.
• Tutanota users can receive and send encrypted replies from other regular email service users.
• Tutanota allows users to use their own domain names.
• Tutanota permits 1 free alias. That mean, each user can have 2 email addresses without any additional charges. Premium users can have more email addresses.
• Tutanota allows users to send encrypted message via email to regular email users.
• Tutanota has an outlook add-on as well, but it only provides this feature to premium and / or business users.
• All users get 1 GB storage without any charges.
• Tutanota is absolutely and completely open source. If you want to access its source code you can click here.

Customer reviews about this Tutanota:

There are millions of peoples which used this Tutanota, and they are fully satisfied with it. Tutanota is an anonymous email service that does not track you. It is an email service built with privacy at its heart. Tutanota take all responsibility for the protection of your personal data, they have technical and organizational measures in place which protect your data best possible. All the data is stored end-to-end encrypted in Tutanota (except for email address of users as well as senders and recipients of emails). It follows the principles of data minimization and privacy by design, it never transmits your password to the servers. It can be quickly attached to a message, a notable benefit when used for business purpose. Users have any issues regarding this Tutanota, contact our email support team directly.

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